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Botimpex is a Publications Import-Export Agency based in Tirana-Albania.It has been founded in 1991 to meet all the demands of foreign readers, companies and libraries all over the world which are interested in Albanian publications as well as for Albanian readers interested in world literature, fiction and non-fiction publications.

In 1995, based on the court decision Nr.8334, date 24.01.1995 Botimpex became a SH.p.k (LTD) business. Botimpex is a worldwide distributor of all kinds of publications like books, newspapers, magazines, journals, maps as well as electronic products like CDs, DVDs and other media.

Botimpex is linked and cooperates with the most prestigious libraries, universities, research institutes, publishers, distributers, official’s agencies, bookshops as well as with individual partners. It is not a simple supplier but also an important center of information, help and reliable connection with the Albanian institutions and publishers.

Since the year 2000 Botimpex offers as well publications from Kosova, Macedonia and very soon from Montenegro and Serbia, too. This wide international activity and network helps to increase our service and to have more and better information for our partners and clients.

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